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How to choose the right sofa for your space?


It can be challenging for many people to find the right sofa. Ultimately, people select the model that appeals to their taste and color preference. There is much more involved in this process than just colors and shapes.

You should also take into account the comfort of that sofa, as well as the seating height, its position in space and how it interacts with the rest of your furniture, how the product will be used in the sense of your preference and lifestyle, and finally the density of the product.


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If you are working with a small living roomThe one thing you should avoid when designing a small living room is pushing furniture against the wall. This will only make the room look smaller, even if you gain some space. Sofas and chairs with legs make a small room feel larger due to their ability to reveal the floors below, while low, contemporary styles with narrow arms help to give a sense of spaciousness.


In order to make sure your new sofa will fit in your home, we recommend that you measure its width against the front and back doors, as well as its height. Generally, wherever you will be moving your new product (such as hallways, stairs and corners, curves, overheads), make sure the dimensions won't be an issue. If access is an issue, choose a design that can be mounted inside. If the sofa is modular, it will be easier to compose the space from its sections. If you need help, we can design the space for you and make sure that your product will be a perfect fit.

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